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Huge Crypto Acquisition #1 XRP Market Maker by SBI Ripple Asia for DEEP LIQUIDITY & Whales increase

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Legal Stable coin @ 18:39. Stable? How can a coin that is 23 cents one week then the other week is 26 stable?? Are they talking about xrp or is it that xrp has reached a price and was stopped from gaining value because of how much there is around. I think xrp wasn't meant to reach high levels. There's just too many around, more than a few countries wealth if reached 10,000 per coin. Hopefully they get clarity and i will continue to hold but, i think they only want there technology. Do they really need XRP? They said it themselves ripple sells technology. Idk……

  2. sometime YouTube video regarding technical analysis and crypto currency can be difficult to comprehend, it might disrupt your vibration and energy in learning how it works and you might tend too loose your investment and fund's and that's not the goal as a profitable trader. crypto currency is not what you go into without having concrete knowledge of the markers. for you to be profitable a trader you need more than mere knowledge from YouTube videos, you need to take more approach strategically. i use Hackerklerry strategy his knowledge and experience outweigh mine i have been able to increase my portfolio with my initial assets 1.2 Bitcoin to 7.3 Bitcoin in 3 weeks of trading with him. my advice for advance and newbie to the crypto world is to contact him and join the moving train you can reach him hackerklerry on telegram

  3. is it all moon? Why does it feel like nobody mentions the fact that xrp is a great way to store value. even for me. it really will only go up. the company's future depends on xrp holding value. ripple rocks. my bet is my money is safe. w/ upside

  4. Institutional investor is investing talk that has been talked about when XRP was 2 bucks- to 1 dollar all the way down to 15 cents 2+ yrs later. Your money would have been better in a savings acct vs hodling XRP or any Faang stock 2 yrs ago. Faang is where the institutional investors are and where your money should have been 2 yrs ago.

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