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Huge Ripple Win when Judge denied SEC, HINMAN MUST SIT, XRP NEVER did ICO Proof ETH did per Founder

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Eri the sec is crooked , and the judge has orders , I know it sounds like a movie but watch , all of the sudden something will change and it will turn the entire case in the sec favor, think about this why don't we ever hear about the CFTC taking over crypto why just the sec , we all know crypto is new so the Howie test should have never even been considered to regulate the innovation but that's a side note. The USA is very important right now and I don't say that to be proud because the way things are going it looks like we are headed for another world war but right now the USA is the leader so everybody is waiting to see what we will do about crypto and they are playing games to shake as many out as possible and restructure crypto laws , they didn't think it would be as useful as it is and didn't take it serious , so now some of us middle to poor people have gotten some money and that's not part of how it goes , so they have targeted exchanges , every exchange other then Coinbase and binanceus has been told not to let USA trade certain coins that we use to be able to , this slows liquidity drastically and I wouldn't be surprised if eventually binanceus has to change, but when they slow it down to a crawl they will make everything a security so only accredited investors can purchase crypto, they will leave a few basic coins and expensive coins for the public but the majority will be securities , and it's not the rich who care they would like everything to be open, it's the people who make the laws , the powers that be , the fewer people with money the fewer people can change things , it's hard to distract people with color, gender and religion when they have money , and that's what America does , it's really sad and hopefully they don't do to crypto what they did to gold back in the day and the best we can hope for is they allow us to keep what we already have , and I know your in Japan but it will trickle down that's just how it is , and the worst part is you have people in the world that work so hard to keep control as if everybody else is unworthy.

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  3. I have a serious question for ALL
    Think about this scenario
    XRP gets vindicated with flying colors and WOULD HAVE a stellar rise, and deservedly so
    BECAUSE BITCOIN will possibly decline sharply because of MANIPULATIVE and other obvious reasons. This stellar rise of XRP is in doubt BECAUSE THE REST OF THE CRYPTO MARKET IS JOINED IN SOLIDARITY WITH BITCOINS FALL ….. SO
    ANY TAKERS TO comment? Thank you

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