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HUGE Ripple XRP News! XRP Fiat Pairings On Nasdaq Powered Exchange

Daily XRP News

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Maybe DX Exchange could benefit from xRapid use… anybody agree? Comment below! ⤵️

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Daily XRP News
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  1. people need to understand the xrp will be $500+ BUT not over night, stuff take time… btc took time also guys think about it. watch the market place and GIVE IT TIME. look at ETH OR BTC yearly lows & highs. from 2012 till now.

  2. XRP will be number one! Don't be afraid to say Bitcoin is useless! It's a dead weight in the future! Its slow not scalable and very expensive because it requires mining. It would be like trying to run with the first Windows application. Also, what companies are really behind making it functional and marketing it like Ripple, SBI, SAP do for XRP?

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