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Huge XRP Moves Explained by New xRapid Theory?

Daily XRP News

Diving into some ledger moves and new xRapid theories.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. 60 m0nths of escrow t0 get through its not comeing Bg123 and the rippler are subs for Ripple. The riddler is making adds for xrp. Are you getting paid by ripple?

  2. How come we just cant ask ripple this. WTf is going on 60 m0nths of escrow who the fuck is the riddler and BG123 do they work as subs or temp enployees. Why did you let them decieve us.

  3. In May 2017 XRP price was 0.40 $. Yep! I was a pioneer, fucking brave early adopter. I bought this shit. I'm holding this shit, taking care of this shit. Now we have Januar 2019 – price 0.29$. David "Garlic Mouse", David "Schwarzkopf" just keep talking and talking. Digital "Ass" Investor is throwing out three videos per day. Ok, let's see where this shit is going.

  4. Great work again you always deliver the best info. About 5 or 6 YouTube videos back you talked about getting your eyes fixed, I believe you said they were lens implants. I have been waiting since 2016 when I first saw an article about Ocumetrics having developed the implant that will give you 3 x visual definition . Do yo know of any update when they will be released or how the trials are going? I can't find any real info.

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