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IMF World Bank Digital Learning Coin, XRP DLT, Ripple High Level IMF Advisory

Daily XRP News

Straight Talk from the IMF Christine Lagarde
Casting Light on Central Bank Digital Currencies

Ripple Brad Garlinghouse on the IMF High-Level Advisory Group, whereby they met in Singapore to Deepen Discussions on Fintech

Jesse Cheng DLT Presentation, Hypothetical DLT Solution

Zen Meditation Training in Kamakura Japan with Buddhist Monks

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I see the IMF running into same problem as Utility Settlement Coin. There needs to be markets made between its coin and other currencies or forms of value.
    Can’t just poof liquidity, even though IMF has a better chance then a couple banks trying.
    A basket of fiat currency backing a coin is going to be useless. IMF is going to realize this

  2. Most interesting and thought provoking, Eri. Are there many things more beautiful and balanced than the Zen garden you spoiled us with? It was entrancing. Thank you.

  3. IMF o any other institutions can generate whatever coin they need. They will be forced anyway to use a bridge digital asset to insta-settle crossboarder. Makes no sense to settle with their own coins because they would have to do private markets of their private coins. XRP is best positioned to do this. By the way, the fact B. Garlinghouse stands in IMF environments does not means IMF will use XRP, in fact he's around them just for consulting purpose. Most people don't get the fact that settling with R3 Corda requires private fiat liquidity providers who hold digital asset. I really don't think any exchange would be a market maker for IMF coin o JPM coin. Well you can say, they would became an exchange. The answer is NO they can't, it's too late. Cars companies can't take over oil companies or vice versa.

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