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Is Justice Ginsburg Even OK? Trump Storms Out of Pelosi / Schumer Meeting

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  1. Did you see Chuck and Nancy responding to President Trump? It is pretty evident that nothing at all is going on in their minds — except where to get their next hit of adrenochrome.

  2. President Trump will end up declaring National security ; Nancy and Chucky does not want the wall because it will make it harder for their drug running and human trafficking and that will effect their side line money making . How else did Nancy and Chucky become a millionaire? Follow the money 💰!

  3. I agree, something is not right, been wondering myself where she is? As for Democrats growing up,, sadly I dont think they will, they think because they have the house they have the upper hand, wrong! I stand with my president Trump all the way! The dems will loose! Thx as always and God Bless

  4. Pelosi is on the payroll as well as Schumer, they know they have committed acts against the state. Trump is always 5 steps ahead of them and they know it. I’m sure Trump gave them a deal to not get hung and they will play this game and Trump will get the wall. Mark my words !!!

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