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Is Ripple Too Far Ahead Of It's Time?

Daily XRP News

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Is ripple too far ahead of it’s time?

SAMA promotes Ripple


Daily XRP News
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  1. It's other cryptos that are ahead of their time, not XRP. This is the picture I have in my head regarding adoption: XRP becomes the first widely adopted decentralized crytpo being used around the world. Why? It's adopted first because smart bankers will see the efficiency and savings it creates. Once this happens and assuming the general public has some awareness that banks are using "something like Bitcoin" to transfer money amongst themselves, people will take another look at Bitcoin and crypto in general. They'll think if the banks trust it, then maybe this stuff isn't a scam after all and crypto is safe to use. Better yet, businesses and people specifically look at XRP to transact in because again, the banks trust it as sound money, so why shouldn't they.

    I could be totally off base, but this is what my crystal ball was telling me tonight.

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