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Is the US Treasury Preparing to Replace the Federal Reserve?

This video is made by To The Lifeboats.

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  1. Folks… this is the beginning of the end of freedom in the US. If there is no more cash, the government can shut down (and possibly confiscate your funds) in your federal digital wallet. I believe the new cash will be something like Bitcoin. It will likely not be XRP because they are to embedded with the government, and if the government told them to shut down your account, they will. However the government will likely outlaw any digital currency that isn't federally regulated. So transacting in anything other than your federal wallet will be just like counterfeiting cash today.

  2. Do they move away from the Fed money as a way of clearing all the debt and nullifying the money printing and tell everyone we are going to replace your fiat Fed money with digital treasury dollars because the Fed have created too many problems for the country with all their money printing?

  3. Thanks Sam, I guess every silver lining has a cloud.
    I love your videos and your perspective on nearly everything but I think you're wrong about Trump. The most people's president the US has had in a very long time. It's wrong to paint everyone with the same broad brush, as Brad said.

  4. This treasury wallet is only an option for underbanked.
    The private sector will offer all types of different proprietary wallets for their customers and target audience.
    This treasury wallet could be an example of a standard wallet protocol that all wallet providers must use for interoperability between different providers.
    Smells like InterLedger could be that protocol to allow for interoperability between wallets.
    Even though it’s domestic, maybe we’d finally get interoperability between Venmo and googlepay wallet and PayPal.

    Biggest takeaway I see is, US Treasury is moving to Digital domestic payment system finally.

    Looking forward to more details
    Btw there is new breakthrough Cryptographic technology that keeps data encrypted and can maintain privacy but only extract certain details. The data itself can’t be replicated or shared.
    I’m not saying our lovely government will do this but we can always dream, right??

  5. Sam, they are setting up to change over the Fair Tax. The income tax was passed in a similar way in 1913 also. The accounts they are creating are for the "Prebate" payments one of the most important parts of the Fair Tax. In order to be illegible for the Prebate funds, you have to a legal citizen with a national ID. The next step is to have a payroll tax holiday. Then the last step is to disband the IRS. I have hope you take what I'm saying seriously and see if you can prove wrong.

  6. Sam I agree with all of your content if not all. I haven't seen anyone in this space that analyzes information like you do. But the whole TSA thing you have wrong my brother. I work for TSA since it's birth of the agency . Yes you do have an option to opt out of AIT body scanner. It's not mandatory.

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