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Joel Katz Crushing FUD on Twitter.

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

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SBI ( State Bank India ) Malpass World Bank UBS Ripple XRP The Standard. 10 U.S Code 2396

WrathofKahneman XRP NEWS

Global Financial Crises on the way.. Ripple XRP to save the Day .. rOB CASH tWITTER Tiaan Twitter
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$10,000 Ripple XRP End Game ? BG 123 CKJ = CHINA KOREA JAPAN Trump BG BG123 YES YES BANK

Gates Foundation to implement @ripple and @coil #Interledger Protocol. GSMA 75

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  1. Hey CKJ, just wanted to give you props for sharing your loss on trying to trade. I've been there too and I've lost. I still get tempted but think about how bad it hurts when I lose. You don't hear many Youtubers talking about the reality of trading and I think many more people get burned than we know. People (including me) brag about our genius trades/gains and keep quiet about the ones we lost on. I've taught my pitbulls to growl at me when I'm about to do something stupid…I'm sure Pickle will do the same for you. #Hodl #XRP #ToTheMoon

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