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Kieran Kelly XRP supporter Defends The XRP Community On Bitcoin PodCast

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Kieran Kelly goes on Bitcoin podcast that accused XRP supporters on twitter of being bots and corrects the record.

Daily XRP News
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  1. Great interview. You lost me with the "too wealthy to be incentivized to continue theory." Why does Amazon continue, they are by far one of the most successful companies in the world. Their CEO is the richest man in the world yet they keep buying companies and innovating. Also, all of the anti bank sentiments when it comes to xrp. Banks are not going to close their doors and governments are not going away. You can make the argument that banks are the financial extension of governments. They will evolve with tech, make needed changes but they are not closing. Ask crypto investors how they fund their exchange accounts and how do they liquidate them??? Banks!!!!!! So that being said why not do as ripple is doing, work with them, teach them a new why and make the current system better. When I see a crypto atm on every corner replace bano ATMs I'll change my opinion…

  2. Kieran Kelly is probably one of the most civil reasonable XRP Community members. However there are a lot of toxic people on there who attack and howl down even XRP holders as mob. some anonymously like XRPTrump and another Tiffany Hayden that really do think they own Ripple say the wrong thing and they’ll go to war with you ruthlessly.

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