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Lack of Smart Digital Asset Regulation is a real Danger per Ripple Stu Alderoty, XRP is Held Back

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  1. The Mexican Peso corridor is not being stifled by regulation. It is stifled by lack of liquidity. Ripple needs to stop deflecting and focus on their XRP illiquidity issue.

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  3. In my humble opinion…..The USA, have already sold off alot of their technology's to China, a long time ago… Including blockchain…..lnteresting times ahead….. In this situation unfortunately, patience is a must for virtue….Thanks, for your professional outlook in this space…Much strength from Australia.

  4. It is not a problem with USA regulations…come on…other countrys already have regulations…No excuses, 350 partners….fact is almost nobody is using xrp and do not need it

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