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Laputa – The Beginning of the End

A very interesting memo was attached to one of Ripple’s escrow transactions on October 1st. It’s implications are profound and far reaching.

Update: The September 26 date + 56 days is November 21st not December 21st. I misread that, and apologize for the mistake. I think it’s still pointing to global adoption after the swift update.
In this video I dive into the meaning of these two memos, give a summary of the BGs and their clues, along with a basic explanation of the latest Ripple Riddler video.


  1. So I wonder what will happen to USD. At one point British currency was the reserve currency. Nothing drastic has happened to them. In the case of pre WWII Germany we have had the hyperinflation case.

  2. Pay your attention on the rippleriddler's video "XRP – Tick Tock, Tick Tock" (posted over month ago). And look on the video of xrpunited, which is here

    on BankXRP page.
    Rounding Earth – exactly the same moment in both videos.

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