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Daily XRP News

I dig into some unusual buys on the XRP Bitstamp Charts, as well as some of the recent large XRP moves from Ripple that have been increasing in Frequency. Is the institutional market live? Is xRapid currently being live tested with banks?

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Daily XRP News


  1. Travel Rule
    The Travel Rule is a Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) rule requiring funds-transmitting financial institutions to forward certain information to the next financial institution if the funds transmittal equals or exceeds the USD equivalent of $3,000. The following information must be included in the transmittal order:

    The name of the transmittor,
    The account number of the transmittor, if used,
    The address of the transmittor,
    The identity of the transmittor's financial institution,
    The amount of the transmittal order,
    The execution date of the transmittal order, and
    The identity of the recipient's financial institution.

  2. Sam (& everyone else) – please check out ‘ Dee Lion ‘ on YT, he has been posting very similar well informed videos about XRP – he clearly has inside info and also has a similar conclusion. He deletes videos so be quick

  3. I can’t see BG shafting the small guys on this. He seems like a legitimate nice guy. Hopefully it pans out and we get at least a small piece of the cake 🥧

  4. XRP=Xcrutiatingly testing our patience. Thanks Sam.
    What are your thoughts on the DX.Exchange launch the 7th. We should see some movement, right?
    And then it'll tumble back all the way down to 36c again.

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