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Lets Talk Ripple and XRP Growth in 2019

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. If ripple is getting one bank per week that would roughly be 48 per year. Swift has 11,000 banks using their technology. Ripple has less than 200 correct me if I’m wrong. At this rate of 48 per year they are moving too slow. Also Swift’s new technology now can send and receive in an HOUR compared to their 2-3 day previous tech. NBK and Santander are using the new swift tech as well as xrapid. Supposedly only .15 cents to send and receive using the new swift. Ripple does it for less than a penny and takes 2-3 minutes. Is ripple that much better and how can the slow introduction of banks at 48 a year going to catch up to 11,000? Can we see that much price change at this slow rate. I’m an XRP believer but we need devils advocates. Knowing that xrp wants to take most of Swift’s market can they do this quickly enough before swift a BIGGER company improves their already 1 hour and only .15 cent transaction ?Thoughts from non crazy $589 believers?

  2. 25k subscribers. Man, this kid be LOVING these tips. ANY one of you can research what this kid researches and yet you praise and give him money. WHY? This market is so volatile to begin with and the numbers have been at a dead freeze with no gains in our pockets… yet you still pay a KID?.. lol. Like, this frustrates me. I started following Alex in January last year and it was cool but I started getting irritated seeing how casually he accepted money from people. Look, it's his gain that YOU fuktards are feeding his potential success if XRP hits. Your loss cuz technically you could've put a tip towards XRP. Nothing will happen until regulation… YOU should know this lol. That and a SEC announcement. It's not rocket science people.

  3. Deployment and regulation, exactly. And it'll probably come in reverse order – regulation, then deployment. Imo, the Token Taxonomy Act will be the biggest news to come out of the first half of 2019, and is the largest potential catalyst for the market on the horizon. If the market responds, we can all thank Rep. Warren Davidson.

  4. Not to be s**tty on CKJ but the whole BG123 thing is out of control. I find it funny that the moment he's recycling content BG123 magically appears. Now every live stream is about BG, hmmm, don't people find that funny? I feel like whatever game is going on he's figured out like a lot of Youtubers that people love dramas, mysteries and conspiracies. Look at TV today, even sports, it's a formula and it works. I won't lie I watch CKJ, SamIam and some of the others cause I like dramas, mysteries and conspiracies but I realize that it's not real and would never invest based on that, if you do/did you need to get it together.

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