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Libra Wite Paper Review and Surrounding Issues

Daily XRP News

A quick review of the Facebook Libra Whitepaper along with a few follow up items from the Moneygram announcement.

Daily XRP News
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  1. My thought on the run up in December 2017 January 2018 was it was too soon, I held out looking for larger gains for the future, plus the ease in liquidity just wasn't there

  2. Hi Sam! Yes, and let me repeat that: "Taxation is theft"; I believe another word for it is extortion. And that's whats happening to all of us tax payers here in the USA. Oh, don't get me started!! Thanks for all the info…I'm learning so much from you!

  3. what idiot would ever have a facebook account to begin with? It was a horrible platform in 2006 and far worse now.

  4. Tweets from David S and Nick B of Ripple yesterday have been surprising to me. Feels like they are slightly amazed by the white paper though of course that could all be smoke and mirrors.

    Also interesting that Ripple have a couple of ex Facebook folk. Was this strategic or is it just innocent career progression?

    In the space of a few hours of the white paper being published, there has been a lot of ‘hold your horses Facebook’ whilst we check this out. So, maybe we’ll have Facebook’s white paper to thank for expedited regulation? As YOYO said ‘enjoy the FB white paper’. 🤷‍♂️

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