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Litecoin to Takeover Global Commerce?

Daily XRP News

In my ongoing discussions with the Litecoin Community I was pointed to 6 Reasons Litecoin differentiates itself from other Cryptocurrencies. This video explains why there’s very little difference between Proof of Work cryptos

Twitter Discussion:

Why Litecoin? Here are 6 reasons! How Litecoin has differentiated itself within the market:

Daily XRP News
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  1. Your looking at btc and ltc like the internet was in 1995. It was clunky and very few saw it's potential. Look further than 2019 and you get the picture 😉

  2. LOL bunch of BS R.I.Pple shilling.
    Yaa let us see years from now who will win.
    I rather go broke, then to support some Bankster crap that have always been the enemy of the people.
    Some people just dont have any morale sigh

  3. You need to be very wary of anyone who is trying to act like a Crypto Expert while promoting XRP, which is a Bankers coin.
    XRP is just a digital form of fiat, the bankers will say whatever you want to hear now, but will always change the game in their favor when they feel they have substantial control. This will be the end all of the purpose of crypto as Satoshi meant it to be free from banker control.

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