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  1. WU CEO was being unprofessional with that comment, he new testing it only 10 times would not help them save money. Also guess what there still doing…. using ripple

  2. I’m not sure why the value of XRP is going to rise? It seems that Ripple is selling a product, xrapid and will make its money from the fees. Exchanges will also make money off fee’s. and that’s it. Sure there will be some hype, which means we (as XRP holders) are only relying on less savvy investors in the future to throw their money into XRP based on hype to raise the price… is that right…. I’m having second thoughts on my investment in XRP…

  3. Ok I told you when it was not a good idea to hodl and the price went from 98 to 43 and on to 25. Now would probably be a good time to get back in as xrp broke resistance and the measured move should take us to 42/43. What happens from there, who knows? Not financial advice!

  4. Financial advice from a random guy (DM) in a car, a 17 year old kid that parrots everything he see (Alex whatever) and a cashier from Walmart (jungle inc). No fucking thanks.

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