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  1. you talked about market cap before, can you find out why Bittrex is not included in Xrp markets/charts. i have been told that its because they provide the liquidity, but there is over a million in trade amount that is not included..thanks

  2. No, I think you are incorrect. Moving xrp from one wallet to another is not a payment, therefore it doesn't show up. If that were the case, every time any one of us moves XRP, it would show and the number would always be high. If it were the case, every time 100s of millions, and several billions, that we constantly see moving, would show up. Also, I don't think it shows up twice. It never has before. Technically, yes, there are two exchanges in a transaction. But it's still one single transaction, with the way xrapid is built. It's never been double before, to add onto that. Plus, the exchange volume has never been so inaccurate, and the total the charts show is more than double. Also, what about the fiat values there? You never responded or commented to me about the Chinese payments going through XRapid. They've died down, but had picked up quite a bit over this past weekend. Still a big indicator everyone is ignoring.

  3. Sam – The XRPChart shows $38billion in MarketCap but is referencing the total of 99Billion right. If you do the math it puts it at $0.38 cents just like CMC. The price matches which is fine… maybe. The reason I bring it up is that means to me that XRP charts tweaks the MC to make it match CMC to keep the price the same if one was to follow it. But whats the chances of the OTCs/Escrow or wherever that extra MC is coming in and out of to be so precise it matches what we see in real time. Do you understand what I mean? Ive posted on Twitter but no one yet has explained. Correct me if Im wrong… But if $4 billion XRP were sold right now on Binance and a few other exchanges all linked to CMC then that $4 billion should adjust downward on XRP Chart which in turn would cause the price on XRP chart to not match due to it using the total supply… UNLESS theres funny business going on taking and giving from what we dont see to even it up to the public.

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