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Livestream Discussion – What’s Potentially Happening with the Elections

This video is made by To The Lifeboats.

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  1. For someone who dispels a lot of FUD on XRP, you seem to have fallen for the Trump rhetoric. You're stringing together a lot of unconfirmed footage, info etc from unconfirmed and unofficial sources. You're sharing random footage from random people on the internet. Whose to say that's not Trump supporters making fake claims against Biden?

    I think you're doing yourself a disservice by sharing this junk. Let the election process play out. I'm sure there's a massive contingency of secret service etc monitoring everything.

  2. Major ignorance. Totally unawakened. Zero idea of what is happening. So sad to see people spreading disinformation like this with their limited left-brained ego and distorted viewpoints.

  3. Look. All the fraud is total BS and for people who can’t take a loss. Mature adults shake the winner’s hand. Let’s say fraudulent votes exist. Why is Biden the only one who receives them? If you guys think 5 million fake ballots were created just for Biden you’re crazy, need therapy and need to be an adult. Stop idolizing people such as Trump so you don’t get so disappointed and need to come up with drastic lies to feel better. You sound crazy as hell right now.

  4. sam.. i commented on a couple of previous videos that Q is a psyop designed to keep right wing gun owners sitting at home believing that trump was working against the bad guys. trump, biden, kamala, hillary, bush, obama, fauci, gates are all jesuit puppets on same team.. the world is a stage, we are watching a scripted show

  5. Another thought. Why are there only fraudulent votes in the states Trump lost and none where he won? He won some and lost some but it just wasn’t enough. Ever think his crazy divisive tweets, lying about the seriousness of the pandemic and overall shadiness as a president made republicans run from his leadership? Just a thought.

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