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I want to cover a the Events of the last week, talk about the last BG123 Clue, and then answer questions.

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  1. The way you brought all those other context creators into this is just messy and childish! The St. Jude situation is one thing, but the other situation involving other creators is obscured. Who cares what he "said" about another creator. We deal with office politics every day at work(laugh in your face and talk crap about you behind your back…. this is youtube politics. Nothing more— nothing less. You all do it so stop playing man! It's done at work EVERYDAY! Youtube is no different. Again, thanks for bringing the St. Jude thing to light, but the way you brought others in this mess speaks a lot about your character as well and your fight to do what you have to do, to get to the top! What goes around, comes right on back around Sam, but worst! UNSUBSCRIBED

  2. Just wanted the community to know I sent a email to the YT legal dept. asking them to investigate CKJ. Would suggest others to do the same. thanks

  3. It’s not about the dollar amounts it’s about using St. Jude’s name to solicit charitable donations, receive said donations, but then not give the donations to the named charity and keeping the money. This is a huge legal issue. If it’s not dealt with aggressively then you will have people requesting money all the time in the name of a charity. Charities will collapse if they don’t fight against this type of fraud.
    And my god, we are talking about stealing money from kids with cancer! Extremely disgusting behavior. Lower than low.

  4. CKJ has all his comments blocked now lol. You cant even tell him what a piece of shit he is!!! We all need to unsubscribe from this guy ASAP!! What a scumbag. Bearable guy needs to dis associate from CKJ ASAP or it will show what type of character he has as well. Sorry but CKJ went below the belt with all this.

  5. I personally don't like CKJ… He sounded like like he is high smoking weed everytime he does his live stream.

  6. FIRST… I'm not even a CKJ fan….But, Are you saying CKJ intentionally set out to defraud St Judes? I haven't seen HARD PROOF. of that yet. Everyone should proceed objectively going forward. Sam it kinda seems like you're really trying to destroy CKJ's entire life without irrefutable proof! Honestly I'm starting question YOUR MOTIVES. The DAI has taken The High Road. We could all learn from that example!

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