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Lummis 🚨sounds like Joe Lubin, XRP🚀 Ledger Smart Contract Functionality💥HOOKS, Gensler Visibly Angry

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Let's go Wyoming public. Don't let the corporate shelter people who came to Wyoming from elsewhere dilute your views. Specifically, get rid of your rhino reps and this Lummis estupido . As if she doesn't know ETH is over run by whales who bought and hide. Let's find out who are the early investors "big uglies" that are hiding behind ambiguous emails per Vitalik video. Oh look it's the same people who move her puppet hands and mouth. Let's dig up and expose the evil once and for all. Thanks for your work Eri !!!!

  2. The war has begun Erisan. The maxis have always wanted total market domination rather than a level playing field and a free and fair market. Most of the tribalism comes from BTC and ETH maxis. Most of the FUD campaigns come from those two. We have dug deep into ETH and found corruption and dirty deals to secure themselves a monopoly, and we know there are big banks behind them. We know from Charles H that BTC maxis have been lobbying hard to draw clear lines between BTC and the rest giving only them a clear way forward. This is war between the greedy and the rest. This is the time to band together and fight for fairness. Time to reach out to the ADA community for example. They are starting to face what XRP holders have faced for years. Each new threat gets attacked when you start nearing the top of the market. Let's see what side the "pro crypto" Congress are really on. This is a pivotal point.

  3. Its possible to see the true contents intentions in the conciousness over peoples faces that cant be hidden ..theres nothing but corruption and self serving ambition over ghenslers .. i saw thus before he was appointed as sec chair .. its been a gift and a curse to observe these things over half a centuary and have many of these obsetvations confirmed later in time ..i take no pleasure in it as its painfull

  4. I think that the Legal system around the world is run by the banking system totally CORRUPT , if the Demonrats win in the next election the whole world system is finished and will go corrupt !!.

  5. Yea sure work with Gary and the boys like library and ripple tried to do ?! How did that work out ? Or you can just build your project on etherium and get a free pass ! Terra 2.0 gets listed 5 minutes after billions were lost and XRP is still delisted on most platforms. We’re all just supposed to drink the Koolaid and look the other way…

  6. Most Judges get paid by the banking industry , the banks will do anything to stop Crypto because they know if Crypto takes off that will spell the end of most banks.

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