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Major Federal Reserve DLT & Digital Asset Statement. I Smell XRP

This video is made by Alex Cobb.

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  1. u dont smell the fart that RIPPLE let go on XRP……i smell more hype more views an more money in this scammer pocket..everything mooning an the shit coin moved 3 pennies

  2. "As usual, I hope you're having a fantastic day" is very different to " I hope you're having a fantastic day, as usual". Mind you, I'm not a 19 year-old old without a care in the world lol. I'm a boring, old English teacher. Good video young man!

  3. I agree, the way I see it is we are in a rising wedge, just finishing off Elliott wave 5 from 6400, now we are ready to retrace and fill the gaps at 8500 (at 38.2 retracements) and 7600 (in the golden pocket of the retracement). There's no way we are going past 9700 as deep pockets are protecting this price range, likely to push the price down to accumulate. If this plays out and we bounce from 7600 back to 10k we will form a massive inverted SHS with a target to 13500, likely near the time of the halving making this retracement the last chance to buy cheap. A perfect guide as I have come to see from experience Mr. Harald Webster with whose daily signals I have been able to grow a portfolio as little as 0.8BTC to almost 6BTC already. Here is a trader others should strive to be like because I am sure as much as he has been resourceful for me, he has been for other traders as well. For inquiries, Warren can be reached on telegram (@warrenbuffet01) This man is a genius and I am happy I could work with him.

  4. They clearly said in the article that they are going to use a stable coin or central bank digital asset… I'm not getting my hopes up. I personally think that they used Ripple to learn from them and now they are stealing their technology.

  5. Another fantastic video. I believe alt coins will definately begin to pump as BTC continues to rise. The reason is simple … as BTC becomes more expensive fewer and fewer people will be able to afford it. As in the previous bull market, people felt they missed out on BTCs growth potential because they didn't buy in 2009 or 2010. They wanted to get in on the ground floor with coins offering that kind of potential. Institutional money will keep BTC moving up above $20,000 for this new bull cycle, and retail money will FOMO into altcoins, causing percentage gains significantly greater than BTC. I personally believe LTC will do very well due to it successfully being branded by Charlie Lee as "the silver to bitcoins goldIn this regards, hodling at this time is very risky and trading with 100% accurate signals is the best way and the perfect thing to do in this recent market fluctuation. Through the trading tutorials and signals of Jose Amaury I was able to trade my bitcoins and made lots of profits without been bothered of the bears. I was able to accumulate more than 5btc from my initial 1.2btc. His signals has given me more profits and wins since I contacted him on WhatsAp and telegram *+18603753318

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