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Marjan Delatinne, From Ripple, Tolga Ulutas, From Akbank

Daily XRP News

Marjan Delatinne, From Ripple, And Tolga Ulutas, From Akbank Talk Blockchain in banking: An upgrade upgrade in service delivery.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Clearly the banks want to distance themselves from XRP at the moment. Will this change in the near future? As he said, the regulators were very open to the use of blockchain because there was no digital asset involved. Clearly we need to wait for regulators to give the stamp of approval before they move on to xRapid.

    One question left unanswered? was about the price fluctuation. They dismissed it as a p2p problem, yet MoneyGram is using XRP therefore this is their problem. She briefly stated the price is already set once they agree on the transfer. Is that the case?

    She does say they expect growth for the digital asset. We can assume there’s plenty to come to XRP, just not being disclosed at this point.

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