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Marjan Delatinne, Global Head of Banking at Ripple, Crypto Assets Conference 2018

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Marjan Delatinne

Global Head of Banking at Ripple

The Crypto Assets Conference 2018 was held in February 2018 at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. The conference had the goal of bringing together technology experts and entrepreneurs with corporates and regulators.

The conference was organized jointly by the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, a think tank concerning blockchain and crypto assets, and by KI decentralized , a IT consulting company for development of blockchain projects.

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The following questions have been addressed:

Crypto assets: How important will cryptocurrencies, tokens, ICO and other types of digital assets be in the future?
Investment: Should investment funds assess such digital assets? How can crypto assets be assessed?
Securization: How can securization be done via blockchain or distributed ledger technologies?
Cash-on-ledger: Will cash-on-ledger disrupt financial business models?
Asset management: Which new business models exist for asset managers and brokers?
Valuation: How can decentralized networks be valuated?
Tokens and regulation: What types of tokens exist and how should they be regulated?
Venture capital: Will ICOs and tokens disrupt traditional venture capital?
Startups: Which blockchain startups should be watched?

Daily XRP News
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  1. Where is the dormant capital inside the nostro vostro accounts going to go once XRP is fully utilized? It's going to be inflationary but I'm curious where it's new home will be.

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