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Market Crash Will Lead To XRP As Global Currency…?!

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Once again, everybody else has a take on the market downturn, so why can’t I?

Daily XRP News


  1. Donald Trump became President to usher in a reset. You will see, the world will see. If you have ever witnessed how black market economies are crushed you will understand how the global economy will be reset, especially in the USA which will cause the globe to follow. The elites know Fiat will eventually implode. They also know that controlling Fiat has limitations. The elite know that they need a cashless society to arrest control of global finance from the people. Cryptocurrencies play right into their hands. Anyone who thinks decentralized cryptocurrency will keep away the control if the global economy by the elites has no clue of the huge power the elites have with their wealth. Here is a fictitious example of how military black markets were crushed in Korea during WWII. I say fictitious only because it was military script money the USA changed the color of. Now, if the US government outlawed existing paper dollars of every denomination and placed an exchange date expiration of 60 days on the old money to get your new "pink" currency what do you suppose happens to all those hoarding cash to avoid taxes? How much more thorough will doing this with cryptocurrency be? Well I will tell you. If XRP is used hypothetically, the elite control the front and back end of said exchange. No one will buy or sell anything if the elite say so. Nothing is going to stop this. It is all pre-ordained and has been all along. Read Revelation if you want to know the outcome! The question is when??!! The time is at hand, the time is right now. How do I know this? Go read Hal Lindsey's book "The Late Great Planet Earth" (with emphasis on the part about Jews returning to Israel). Then watch things very closely as it all unfolds around you. Incidentally, Hal Lindsey's book was a New York Best Seller for months. Where did Hal Lindsey get his material? Check out the 100% accurate prophecies in the Bible. I've been following the world economy since 1971, the year before I got married. I am way ahead on this score. Gold and silver will become worthless. There will be one global currency and it will not be the US Dollar unless it tokenizes as a digital asset. Every financial system as you now know them will be unified into one that is strictly controlled by the ruler of the elites and we all know who that is. Why is the price of XRP going down? The answer is simple; the banks and the Banksters have the money to influence the price of all cryptocurrencies. They buy sufficient quantities to use in a way to incite FUD which is what many people that hodl XRP have at the moment! This causes panick selling which lowers the price of XRP further and further as well as affecting many other cryptocurrencies. Remember too that all cryptocurrencies are tied to the value of Bitcoin which is currently shorted by the elite (the biggest reason that cryptocurrencies crashed after December 2017). It did not help matters when the founder of Stellar alledgedly sold a billion XRP at the recent high price as was part of his agreement leaving Ripple! Further, the new restrictions preventing cryptocurrency purchases on credit cards hurt prices and who do you think placed those restrictions, the Banksters did this. Why you ask? If you were launching a new technology to move trillions of dollars about using a new currency you would want the price super low at introduction to fill bags of it for your own liquidity and profit. An early test between Ripple and banks proved that the banks have no stomach for risk volatility in the price of XRP. Therefore if the banks can buy XRP cheap enough there will be no risk volatility in price because the price will soon moon rewarding the banks (and us if we HODL) for their fowl play shorting prices and creating FUD!!! Buy XRP and Hodl till the cows come home!!!! That is the advice I am taking.

  2. The utility doesn't matter because anyone can replicate the technology. Completely 100% open source. Why do coins made up by random programmers just a few years ago have any value? Human psychology would much rather trust USD or Gold which both have had backing for hundreds of years. No reason cryptocurrency technology can't be replicated to be implemented into day to day assets people are used to and are backed by our government.

  3. hey brother can i ask you a question:
    if you invested in usa which you will have to pay tax for short term gain and long term gain, if im shorterm gainer.. can I go to a non-tax crypto country and cash out without paying tax and bring the money back to the usa?

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