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Market Panic, Ripple IPO, Money Printing And XRP Utility

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

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Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet
Daily XRP News
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  1. For "total control" of the economy – as will be the requirement for the New World Order's central control and its "one world currency" REQUIRES THAT EVERY LIVING SOUL is tied in with its banking network. The "thousands" of miniature satellites being placed in low orbit under the "guise" of providing "internet service to the entire world" is nothing but a cover for the saturating surveillance of every chip in every person and its resulting "on and off" switch capability to all that person's economic and health access. Be very aware of "all inclusive" propaganda – this is all about control ultimately – and while there may be great "wealth" potentials by hodling xrp (I have some myself) – beware – because Ripple "will" in all probability be the plumbing the coming anti-Christ figure head will use to grant or deny the power to buy and sell over every human. If not Ripple – a system very much like it.
    Be careful with the desire to be "rich" – it can easily lead all of us from our "faith" – of coarse if you don't have that "faith" to begin with – then that's just hog-wash – but IF you are indwelled with the Holy Spirit remember – you are in the world – but not "of" the world.

  2. They will be happy to transform to digital, as long as Cestui Que Trusts, all caps birth certificates, and Social security numbers continue to exist in their current state. If not, they will do everything in their power….to destroy it.

  3. I used to think that Russia and China would want nothing to do with Ripple and XRP but if Microsoft products (the best in its field) can become a world standard then why not XRP.

  4. The best time to have an IPO is at the top of the market so that when it crashes stock buybacks will be pennies on the dollar-Ripple raises money and still maintains an overwhelming majority holding.

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