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Massive Power Grid Issues Nation Wide – Possible Faux Alien Invasion Incoming

Daily XRP News


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Daily XRP News
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  1. Yes! I was thinking the same thing. "Mainstream" admitting there are ufos, blah blah…I thought it is to prep us for bluebeam too!!!

  2. Maybe on the 4th of July?. I think the way the lame stream media is covering the aliens, I believe there will be a false flag episode. Also on the 4th..just my thoughts..what a about the guy asking u the time,??? WHAT!!! I get your dry sense of humor. Fast, lol. Keep the faith! Stay safe.God Bless and great job!

  3. Winter would be the time to shut down the grid. If it's done in the summer you can always go out side to cool off. Can't do that in the winter. It would be colder outside then in side.

  4. My power was off for 8 hours today. Was outside and seen all my neighbors outside doin stuff. That never happens. Im in Mid- Missouri.

  5. I have other plans! I DON'T believe in aliens..but I do know the earth is expanding
    3 gates to hell needs to be opened..1 =in Israel 2= in a desert 3=in water…revelation 11:11
    Vampire typed winged creatures…you must rebuke them in the name of Jesus Christ! No other religions.
    I'm not least not man made. I do believe in Jesus Christ..he is in my heart…I have a problem with GOD..cause I feel like it's bush

  6. I stay OUTSIDE majority of my day everyday..going to start fasting…vegan but will eat..catch..kill.clean..cook most anything..even bake a cake in the ground!

  7. Joshie Bear: 1. The power outages may be connected in part with certain arrests being made by the feds. 2. With the Alien thing you are on the right trail, for a faux Alien Invasion would be used by the NWO to legitimate a worldwide takeover.

  8. well, it's not just that you wouldn't have a refrigerator…you wouldn't have food. we need power to pump gas, and fuel to deliver food and medicine. those with wells, won't have water. even city water would soon shut down. it's more than a matter of being uncomfortable…it would cause collapse.

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