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Massive Statement From Congress On Payments! XRP Approaching Critical Support! STAY STRONG! NO SELL

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  1. All you youtube XRP shillers keep saying is buy the dip, buy the dip. This shitcoin has dipped so low it looks like the ball sack of a 80 year old man. If banks were actually using XRP, the price wouldn’t be dropping. If Ripple wasn’t dumping a billion XRP on the market every damn month and using retail investors like a piggy bank, the price wouldn’t be dropping. Something is wrong with this picture and folks are starting to smell the bullshit.

  2. Level Playing Field = The world resents that the U.S. has the world reserve currency and wants something ELSE that is NOT connected to ONE particular country to become the world's reserve currency (i.e. XRP/BTC/?)
    Thus a "level playing field"

  3. I'm astounded. I knew this market was immature, but had no idea it is this bad. People whining and swearing behind their fake names. Be a man. Invest or sell. Ripple doesn't care about any of us snd they owe us nothing.

  4. Central banks giving their time to ripple doesn’t necessarily mean anything for xrp. Obviously. Ripple solves a problem and will pay banks to fix it for them… who wouldn’t listen.

  5. It's an investment and that's a risk/reward you must be willing to take a hit. That is how you detach emotion and make educated decisions based on your situation. It's much easier said than done. 😃.

  6. Be greedy when others are fearful my friends….XRP is a product that will work.Why wouldn't banks use it in the future???Hold on boys and girls I know its hard but keep the faith.

  7. I don’t get it! All these idiots come into an emerging market and complain about losing money or not becoming rich overnight. None of these YouTubers forced your money in crypto. People blame others for their own decision to invest money into a volatile market. There’s a potential to make a ton of money and a potential to lose a ton of money. If you cannot handle the loss than go put your money elsewhere. If you lost a big percentage of your networth in the past day, than blame your self for not being diversified in other industries and market sectors

  8. Xrps 4 for a dollar get em while theyre hot! If you have doubt make sure you sell and get out right now and convince as many weak hands to do the same!

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