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Maybe you should have never invested in Cryptocurrency.

Daily XRP News

I don’t get up everyday to make a video to try and convince the world anything. I get up everyday to make a video because I am thrilled with how the world has changed since blockchain technology came into existence. Your decision to invest in cryptocurrency was yours and yours alone. The undeniable fact is, this technology has created new economies, allowed for unimaginable efficiencies, and brought economic possibilities to the most common man in every corner of the world. Now you talk about inclusiveness. There was a comment in my video yesterday that said I just need to stop being so happy. “Just Stop” it said. Let me tell you something. Every viewer – and every content creator who has poured their heart and soul into the future, in the middle of this bear run has my respect. Oh ya…it was so dang easy to be exuberant when we had double digit green days, which some thought would never end. The days, weeks and months of late, with the likes of many double digit declines, have truly separated the weak from the strong. Or might I say, have put the spot light on people who should have never invested. You can’t stop me from being happy because I know the world will be forever changed with this technology and the one digital asset XRP has made the most amazing real world progress. We are so lucky to have this timing in our lives. My advice, if you are feeling negative, it to *just look at the headlines in the last few hours.
**Blockchain is delivering more transparency and efficiency across countless sectors.
**Blockchain is fighting government fraud and corruption
**Blockchain is protecting the vulnerable in previously disputed public contracts.
** Blockchain will prove food, drink and product authenticity in supply chains.
**The removal of barriers due to blockchain will result in trillions of new trade in the next decade.
** Blockchain is expected to help administer intellectual property rights across multiple jurisdictions.
**The utility of the distributed ledger has proven to provide value to the poorest of nations.
So, I will happily continue to spend thousands of hours researching and sharing with like minded people. You can go your own way, it’s your choice. That’s the beautiful thing.

It’s your choice.

Daily XRP News


  1. This is the time where people earn their gains by sticking it out in faith and research what is going on. Just be aware of the manipulation happening through it all

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