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Measles Outbreak Washington – State of Emergency & BioWeapons?

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Here in Australia they have been blaming anti vacciners for just one person getting sick.They have been coming down on them for several years now so much so that if YOU DONT GET YOUR KIDS VACCINATED THEY WONT GIVE YOU MONEY AND WONT LET YOUR KIDS INTO CHILDCARE AND PRESCHOOLS.

  2. My daughter is 4 now. No vacs at all ever she will never get them..She is all good she has had one cold in 4 years and that was at 3yrs she caught it from me. No ear problems etc. Not even a diaper rash. Perfectly fine also she will be Christian home schooled. She will not be taught evolution etc nope nope nope. God bless all.

  3. I have 2 Nephews who were not Autistic before their 2 year baby shots. Within a couple of hours of getting the shots, they were severely Autistic.

  4. Most likely it's all the imigrants and refugees coming here from countries where disseases like measles and malaria are still a problem. But of course they'll never release a negative article about the DNC's favorite future voter base.

    I read that babies really shouldn't get vaccinated before 4 years old because any heavy metals in the shots can go right to their brain because babies don't develop a blood brain barrier until the age of 4. Really wish hospitals wouldn't be militant about vaccinating at such a young age when it could be done later. I have 3 kids and they all were vaccinated and thank GOD no permanent negative responses to the shots. But I have heard horror stories about kids getting signed of autism right after their shots.

    I do think most vaccines are beneficial and have pretty much wiped out diseases that used to litterally be plagues but this early-age vaccinating maybe should be looked at closer and parents may want to put their foot down against the hospitals and wait until the age of 4.

    I also do think that our government could hypotheticaly mess around with testing new disseases out on the population via vaccines and we wouldn't be the wiser.

  5. They do it so we load up on vaccines 🙁 I got sick several times from pneumonia vaxx 🙁 vaccines have 250% more mercury than recommended by agencies

  6. I have COPD and the doctor is always trying to push vaccines me, I quit taking them 9 years ago and my doctor doesn't understand why I don't need oxygen or a nebulizer and haven't been sick in as many years, IMO because no vaccines!

  7. When is the Deep State going to just take their gloves off and just have a full-out national assault Coast to Coast dozens of cities simultaneously be taken down EMP grid down internet down full blown bio weapons attack when exactly is that going to happen, and the nuclear finale

  8. I live near Portland!! This state has turned into an evil satanic place! Nothing would surprise me at all!! Our gov Kate Brown is up to her eyeballs in uranium one!! I’d bet she’ll go down with her good friends, Killary & Ovomit!! She also got thousands from Soros, for her campaign!!
    Anyway, I love your videos!! One day I’ll be able to send you some support! We’re getting ready to list our house, and my mom’s (she’s 94). And the 3 of us are moving to Idaho!! Just have to get out of this hellhole!!

  9. 💄💄💄ahahahahaha yes huge cash cow n hope we fricken die…look into DSMO…it’s a cure for so many things however it is not legal in US …it’s because it works for things like strokes n cancer…etc …again they want us to die

  10. Yep, just keep letting illegals in left and right. No vetting, no health screening. The latest migrant caravan has a member with a flesh eating bacteria.

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