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Merry Christmas To The Ripple XRP Community

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News


  1. As an XRP investor I enjoy all influencers aside from CKJ and Kung Fu Nerd. They teamed up to start FUD on the Apollo Foundation. To try to discredit a crypto organization as a scam after Apollo proved otherwise and leave the video up speaks volumes to their shady narrative. They may benefit XRP but are not excepting of crypto as a whole. Crypto is the future. All crypto should be researched before spouting out the scam word. Discredit to their viewers if you ask me but then again research does the talking.

  2. This Crypto Currency Casino shit is REALLY starting to get annoying! I think I'm getting out! It's just WAAAAAAAAY too Volatile! It's like as if you can NEVER prosper unless you have the time to watch it like a hawk!

  3. Hey DAI thanks for being here for the XRP Community even though some people are giving you negative comments, calling you names and trying to bring you down, don't listen to them. You know what I entered crypto space only on February this year. Back then i got a bag full of variety of coins but almost gave up because of this bear market and FUD. But you saved me. Just as you always said i put my big boy pants on, be patient and enjoy the ride (I don't drink coffee though). I actually sold some of my coins and invest it to the greatest digital asset instead. I'm now actually thankful to this bear because XRP are on HUGE SALE. I listened to you every time you upload your videos. Again thanks to you, to DM Logic too, Crypto Eri, Alex Cobb, Rob Art and many others in the XRP community, you all did a great job. Merry Christmas

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