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Message To Craig Wright. You Messed With The Wrong Community.

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  1. If Craig Wright thinks that the SEC will rule against Ripple and find it a security when it is now being integrated into banks worldwide through Earthport, SAP and Temenos, then he is as simple minded as he is Arrogant and Narcissistic. The USD and financial system is in meltdown, there is a 2020 target for worldwide faster payments and Ripple is the only tech ready to roll. The SEC has recently declared that even at inception if some were found to be securities then working with the SEC would help them, just as Ripple are doing.

  2. Satoshi is a dick. Get used to it. Only an idiot would expect S.N. to reveal himself to the world. XRP is a centralized coin and I am not taking a chance on Jeb McCaleb.

  3. Craig and Roger are just like the big banks now…..screwing everyone else. Wish Coinbase and Binance would de list their coins. Also, everyone should boycott them and their coins. Wish the crypto community would come together and realize that these two are not for anyone but themselves and we should Crash them.

  4. Craig Wright. I guess SV isn't working out so well for him. What a douche, he has more money than common sense or common decency for that matter. XRP overtook bitcoin cash almost a year ago. Did he think a fork of a fork would redeem that? Of course he did, why else would he needlessly lash out like a 2 year old who won't get his cookie time.

  5. Way to go Alex. Ok, but you're not prepubescent at 18. You be a man now!!! "Da" man! Heehee
    Keep up the great work!!!! Love that you have the balls to call this jerk (thinking much worse words) out. I hope people revolt against him and invest in BTHABC (and of course XRP) just to bust his rich ass. Nothing gets under my skin more than an arrogant, conceded, selfish, rich a-hole. Ugh!!!

  6. 06:03 this is your downfall. It was never about getting rich. It was at first to escape the ongoing inflation of fiat currencies, and specifically to avoid the inflation caused by Quantitative Easing. In other words – to create sound money. That’s what Ripple misses. It’s not a tech revolution. It’s an economics revolution.
    This is a really useful video to see how the XRP community sees the world. If you are indeed a good representative of it. Thanks.

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