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MoneyGram CEO Livestream at 11:30 AM PST Talking Ripple! UBS Statement! XRP More Regulatory Clarity!

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Daily XRP News
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  1. It will be interesting to see how price fluctuations will be once major banks and institutions are using XRapid. It clearly is still tied to Bitcoin and I'm hoping Moneygram can keep XRP at a steady margin. Do you think Moneygram is using XRP in full swing and if so, how much XRP does the company own and what exchange/source did the get it from. If not from a exchange and privately… wouldnt that make Ripple labs a centralized business using a "decentralized" coin as a way of profit? I have lots of questions running through my mind these days. If it's being manipulated then who are these whales that are keeping the price where it's at and why would the blow a bunch of money doing it? There should be a open panel with Brad and David and Larsen where we investors ask questions with legit answers. It's all hype and a gamble. No solid evidence of anything really other then partnerships and big names entering the cryptospace.

  2. According to the fact that Pavel Durov opened one more round of ICO on gramton. pro , ToTheMoon will spread along the whole crypto market in next to no time =)

  3. XRP holding tight at 30 cents! This is Awesome guys! Time for a positive attitude to keep money flowing into the Youtube channel. Alex makes way more from you morons than he will ever make with XRP.

  4. Alex i still got you fool don't you talk bad on me. I LITERALLY PUT XRP IN THE DIRTY 3 BECAUSE OF YOU >>>YOUR SECRETLY MY BOY aka a friend your just young young dude i don't want to be looked at as weird when u helped me build ebay shops ……..yes a kid taught me……. i still remember like a freaking elephant 3.00dollar xrp after your video leading me to 20 cent ….thank you alex for unkowingly saving my life in the dirty 3 Ferguson Florrissant spanish lake missouri ….yup little xrp you lead me right!!!!!!!!And literally saved my life from gun violence….your retired soldier friend alex who u helped build huge ass silver piles!!!!( HOW DID I HELP THIS GUY NOT GET SHOT) ill tell you how YOU DONT GET SHOT DOING BUSINESS BEHIND A COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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