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MoneyGram hit hard with no Ripple XRP, NFT’s put old biz exploitation on its head, Flare Spark Ratio

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. If I was Moneygram I would keep track of all looses and take the SEC to court and unload them. I'm sure the SEC will want to wrap up this case in a flash now…LOL

  2. “Liquidity chasing” is what all these networks are in desperate need.

    Polkadot vs Flare.

    Flare needs that 45 billion XRP (liquidity)
    Flare needs all that dormant LTC (liquidity)
    Flare needs all that dormant Doge (liquidity)
    Flare needs all that dormant XLM (liquidity)

    Flare NEEDS everyone who owns the above assests to participate in their ecosystem for true $ucce$$.

    Lastly, XRP price won’t move until Jeds bags are emptied (reason for the SEC theatre delay).

  3. Hi Eri, I really am not okay with the way Crypto demands in general that coin holders have to become hugely tech savvy just to buy and move coins let alone the hoops we are made to jump through to qualify for these airdrops. If I don't want to be on Twitter, Telegram or other social media sites, how do I keep updated? The projects don't care about individuals like banks do. Some of these projects like Flare are acting irresponsibly in my opinion.

  4. Love your work Eri – clear, insightful and a pleasure to listen to. Also, I’m a full time artist and found this discussion of NFTs interesting, I make limited edition prints now and I could imagine a system where the two go together – ie the collector gets a physical print plus the NFT to ensure value. Looking forward to your interview with this guy coming up.

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