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Monopoly: SEC & Ethereum vs. Ripple / XRP / Crypto Innovation

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  2. Hey everybody do you realize the depth of the corruption! Instead of joking about it why don’t you people tell the SEC they are corrupt criminal pigs and the Judge needs to refer the prosecution of the SEC leadership three appointments past and some in the leadership of their favorite brine crimes at tether Bitcoin and Etherium it looks like XRP and XLM are the only real honest decentralized token currency! Judge, do something to make these people act and stop this persecution of the public that is utilizing the Currency. Judge! Stop them NOW!

  3. I understand your point of not wanting to slow the industry down DAI, but with respect, I have to disagree. I absolutely do want to see all of these criminals investigated and punished. It is when these kind of acts go unpunished that further criminal action in the future is ignored as well. The accountability line in the sand MUST be drawn here or society has no hope of ever getting back to a place where honesty and hard work matters.

  4. You hit the nail on the head with this one ..

    Those corrupt involved in this scandal wanted to monopolise this new industry that is out. Having missed out on the opportunity of the other industries out there. Why.., because it will make them extremely wealthy and be part of an elite organisation.

    However social media is inescapable and those linked to this injustice will be exposed.

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