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MORE XRP NEEDED for Ripple Asian Corridor, GENSLER met JAY CLAYTON one day BEFORE SEC Filed Lawsuit

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Obvious Conspiracy to take over, control and manipulate the crypto space .. Joseph Lubin, Andrew Keys, Jay Clayton, William Hinman, One River, The Brooklyn Project, ConsenSys, ETHLEND, Wallstreet, Ethereum, Ms Warren, Christian Catalini, Gary Gensler, SEC, CFTC, Banking Cartel, Biden … Stinks of Corruption, needs immediate investigation … The world is watching

    Investors in ETH are relying on Etherium to update ETH, Investors in XRP don't and can't depend on Ripple for updates

  2. It's clear that the big USA banks own the Treasury, the SEC and many people in Congress. The irony that Warren was vocal against Wall Street whilst running for President is ironic, considering she's now the most vocal in protecting them. I no longer believe a word she says, she simply reads what others give her, and is not thinking for herself.
    This is the big banks in full siege mode, and once/if the conquer the USA they'll turn their focus on the rest of the world, and threaten them to comply with everything they have.
    I hope they don't incite the WW3, as their track record for protecting the Petrodollar is proven, and they won't let go of their ability to sanction easily.

  3. <"With fundamental analysis which abounds a lot, there should actually not be a buzz because of a drop in price that should have been well expected (El Salvador is buying $6.9 million and just adopted btc as a national currency). I am quite fascinated though by what happens to the market if/when people buy 30$ btc in solidarity with El Salvador's new laws. I said it and those who follow can attest to that as well as ST and TP for traders last week. Crypto is here to stay and can only get stronger, spreading wealth for generations to come.">

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