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Morgan Stanley Invest $15M in a Trading Platform Technology, Western Union, Ripple XRP, Quoine Japan

Daily XRP News

Breaking: Morgan Stanley Makes $15 Million Investment in Integral
The Palo Alto-based foreign exchange technology provider announces a strategic investment from Morgan Stanley.

NEW: Introducing our new fee structure – Send money for at little as $4.
Western Union have slashed international send fees. Fees start from just $4 and reach of maximum of $14.

Intregal ~ Technology for FX and Cryptocurrency Trading

Mint Exchange is the world’s first cryptocurrency clearinghouse designed for institutions to access all major exchanges through a single gateway. From one account, access the deepest liquidity and trade large blocks without moving the market.

Ripple’s Cory Johnson: ‘Ripple Is Not Decentralized… XRP Is Certainly Decentralized’

Kurashiki Japan

Daily XRP News


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  2. I subscribe to you channel because I’ve built a Trust in
    you, So…

    you say, “This is for entertainment purposes you’re not a financial advisor”,
    then I can make a statement as "I can unfollow you as you’re not providing
    me with the correct information". I have no problem with people following
    or believing in other "SO CALL INSIDERS – seems entertaining" but I
    don’t like the fact that these same individuals are IMO " CON Artist –
    Pump and Dump" scammers. Example if you believe in XRP (ALL YEAR) as the
    standard and now your calling for your portfolio to be diversified 38%/62 not
    even 54/49 split (For the smart people reading this, shouldn’t it be XRP=62/38=SHt
    Coin?), there is something serious wrong. (YES, you OVER played yourself) Since
    now XRP might not go up until next year what other coins can we now promote?
    Maybe I’m wrong but I have HOLO in my portfolio and I do see PUMP and DUMP.
    Should be interesting to see what 2019 coins these so call INSIDERS are going
    to have connection. Just saying. Mama didn’t raise no sucker, and GOD is on my
    side. XRP HOLR, not to say don’t invest, just wisely invest in another token
    you believe in (Research)., just be careful.

    P.S. The beauty of YouTube is I’m FREE to follow someone else who I can Trust

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