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Most Critical Moment In Ripple History: How Much XRP Do I Need To Retire? **350 PARTNERS CONFIRMED**

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I love XRP for the international fiat problem it solves. (in the short 5 year term) The issue is, when everyone starts using digital assets, what's the point of the bank or XRP anymore? There 'problem' is no longer needed to be solved. People, companies, and governments can already do all international remittances without banks and their reliance on ripple. If anyone, anywhere, can send anybody, money at anytime, instantaneously with any digital asset…..why will Ripple/Banks/XRP be needed? Blockchain can even do lending now.

  2. I just sold half my XRP. I am saving 50,000 just in case, but it is unwise to put all you money in this depreciating asset. I was in the top 1%, but who gives a toss?

  3. Calm before the storm. The unknown is big. What the difference with US$ reserve currency status and xrp? USA have not adopted xrp yet.
    They can do anything they want. They can adopt xrp by paying off the FED debt, they have new credit swap lines because the ROW need money. The most reasonable scenario in my mind is that US adopt xrp as dollar, and it will differ external$ from internal$. Ripple become IMF with 50% xrp and USA create a new $cbdc, that have an exchange rate against xrp. The more debt FED have, the better it is.

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