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This video is made by The Bearable Bull.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. This guy sounds like he thinks what he is saying is pretentiously important. Make sure you give money to charity in quantities that stymie the IRS.

  2. Do WHHHHAAATTTT‽‽‽ Ledger Nanno X for 80 $'s shipped regularly before that 40% off!!!! Well I'd like to know WTF that deal is cuz I paid $71.41 for my Nanno X with the 40% off! The cheapest I've found was like $129!!!! IDK if he really knew the price's of the ledger's. The Nanno S is $59, but never seen an Nanno X for no damn $80 shipped¡!!¡!¡!! LoL 😂😆😂

  3. i currently hold all my XRP & Eth on Coinbase, I'm guessing due to the regulations that are in the news it would be best to take them offline and onto a ledger? Is it difficult to transfer them off coinbase, and then is it difficult to then get them back onto a broker to turn into cash when that time eventually comes?

  4. I ain't selling ever and that is going to be a hard discipline. Why would I cash out my valuable currency into a currency that loses value and can be debased? What I have been doing is getting used to the idea of holding till mass adoption of the general public and then I will spend it because I will have massive buying power with my XRP.

    I did switched to the ledger nano s from coinbase well because they suck, and No air drop…Idiot move on their part. Also gifted my mom a ledger nano as well (bought the family pack) with 2000 xrp on it for her birthday. She thinks I am insane, what she don't know, is she is gunna retire a few years early now lol 😂

    Thanks agian for your aggressively average content.

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