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Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Ripple as the company who hold escrow of xrp and Ripple technologies has great growth potentials can registered as a security to offer IPO, shares and bonds to public. Sec has no case on Ripple that xrp is security since Ripple and XRP team has created and treated xrp as common currency as intended for level playing ground for international trade and commerce with vast utilities. Ripple and XRP team has been doing the right thing to release the sufficient amount of xrp into the market for testing xrp to be a common currency for level playing ground for international trade and commerce by participation of big institutions like banks, etc. and retailers to ensure that xrp is reliable to gain public confidence. Ripple and XRP has always conform to known regulations( eg ISO 20022) in creating and treating xrp as common currency as intended for level playing ground for international trade and commerce. If SEC feel Ripple and XRP team has not done enough then SEC should provide a clear guidelines and regulations for Ripple and XRP team to conform for xrp to be common currency as intended for. The new chairman of SEC should have foresight to work together with Ripple team to design a set of guidelines and regulations for crypto to catch up and lead in crypto industry for good of US and everyone in the global world instead of being foolish to bring lawsuits on Ripple to waste time and sour relation with Ripple which may cause US to lag more in this upcoming technology for xrp to be common currency for level playing ground for international trade and commerce to benefits every business in US and global world. To settle SEC lawsuits fast and to gain mass participation in xrp for the benefits of Ripple, US and everyone in the global world, the world monetary federation (IMF ) and US monetary federation can set up to purchase the right amount of xrp in escrow of Ripple at a reasonable price, usd 5.00 per xrp with payment to Ripple done after xrp market price is usd 5.00 above and manage it through Ripple support. After releasing sufficient xrp to market for testing, Ripple can better manage Xrp in escrow by releasing xrp at the rate for better value and now stop release any xrp from escrow to new and existing big institution customers but encourage them to buy xrp from the market until the first target price of xrp usd 5.00 is achieved. The big institutions and retailers should grab the opportunity to buy xrp below USD 5.00 since the number of xrp is limited and the early participants will be rewarded when the price of xrp will increase at step incremental based on the demand of capitalization from the scale of participation of big institutions and the rate of release of xrp from escrow, for example step incremental at usd 5.00, usd 10 and usd 100. Xrp can be common currency for cross border payment level for playing field for international trade and commerce because xrp is green/eco friendly, efficient, cost effective, secure and have proven track record through sufficient testing to gain public confidence.

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