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Mystery Envelopes At GHWB Funeral EXPLAINED – Military Tribunals In 2019?

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Disclaimer: This is NOT News! This video is for entertainment purposes only. All views expressed are strictly opinion.

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  1. Let's see you are wearing sunglasses, in a car in a large parking lot in the middle of the night. Telling all of us you know what was in the envelopes. Why yes I am entertained. I am laughing my ass off as you point out the obvious. Now Jeb did shit his pants. Were it not for the depends he was wearing everyone would have smelled it. What was inside the envelopes were the pictures of their cells waiting for them at GITMO. Joshie Bear get a fucking life.

  2. Maybe all of them were laughing and joking because they thought GHWB was alive and on his way to some remote bolt hole. Then they read a note saying "GHWB executed after military tribunal." Whatever the message was, it was very short. They had immediate reactions.

  3. Trump set these envelopes up. His face is stern and serious at this event. No eye contact with pence. The best part is the innocent Jimmy Carter looking for his envelope and feeling left out.

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