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NESARA ACTIVATION? & Donald Trump’s Agenda: Ripple/XRP & Gold Standard QFS RESET.. Pivot Needed Ep.6

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  1. I believe all currency will eventually be digital and it is also both a requirement and the dominant feature of QFS. Your phone will be your wallet…so to speak. Only banks hooked up to the system; however, I'm also a strong believer that the roll out will be with stringent government oversight. I'm doubtful that it will be independent exchanges by just walking into any bank. More so directed to authorized banks… FROM A FRIEND OF MINE AT WELLS FARGO. Also another friend of mine. He’s headed to the biggest little town in NV.
    Trump was just there for 3 days. He got a called yesterday saying bring all your currency’s and All currencies will be filled out on E app or Application. not sure couldnt tell me much but QFS is the bridge so there going to Exchange your foreign currency through the QFS which they tell you what digital wallet it’s in at which bank. Btw our FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS USING XRP BAXK BY GOLD

  2. Been following NESARA for 8 years, didnt believe it at first, now I understand it all and see it all coming together, HR5404 is explicit evidence. Remember, we cant have lawful money with Legal courts so the Estates, the Courts and the money all need to be either Legal or Lawful. So if it all goes lawful, then we have the power and YOU must start learning how all this work or you will just be harvested all over again over the next 10 years.

  3. This is a good thing. It's not free if we've been robbed in the name of fiat currency. It means our money is actually money, not debt. The fed stole our freedom and now Trump's taking it back for us. Nothing can stop what is coming. Q WWG1WGA.

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