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New Creepy XRP Gematria Calculator Links Discovered! B.O.A (Pt. 2)

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Daily XRP News


  1. I've always maintained that '589' has more to do with a set of values and multi-dimensional language rather than being a price prediction. Lot's of Gematria and Bible Codes can be date oriented and they often overlay an Event with the names of Leaders/Actors and happening at a particular time. The relationship between 589 and 'Trump' might be that he is by and large responsible for bringing that particular system in. That would be a huge compliment for Trump. With dates, always remember to use the Hebrew Calendar rather than the roman Calendar. 5779 is the current Jewish Year.

  2. Dec 13th fits right in between days that someone posted on samiams video yesterday that a possible stock market crash might happen and hit a low between Dec 12-14. Intetesting stuff.

  3. Hey bro, I heard you say that you were a Christian, a believer & if so, I don’t think you should be messing that geometria stuff…As believers we are not supposed to be messing w that!No weejie boards, psychics or medians…Just felt like I had to mention that to ya bro….but other than you talking about that, I really enjoy your channel! May our Lord bless you physically, financially, but most of all spiritually!

  4. I got gold, silver, uranium, and zinc junior mining stocks. I got marijuana stocks and xrp. My future self is somewhere in the Caribbean living a simple life while helping those in need. I really don't want to be rich to buy shit. I wanna be rich to help the world

  5. The more I am researching, the more I am keeping an open mind about XRP and Trump….I have been a supporter of Trump believing he is here to shake things up with the Luciferian plan to create the NWO and that XRP might be the answer to transforming the corrupt and evil global financial system but now I am not so sure…

    Is Trump deceiving his supporters and actually part of the agenda? Many Christians have had their suspicions about him. Are we all just in an evil game that is being controlled by Satan through the hands of his servants? Trump could be in fact controlled opposition and although I liked the Meme war at first and his trolling…now I am not so sure because it seems to belittle the evil of what has been happening and makes it all out to be a joke. Treason isn’t a joke. Murder isn’t a joke. Invading countries and slaughtering innocent people isn’t a joke. Satanic Ritual Abuse isn’t a joke. Sacrificing children isn’t a joke….

    Joshie bear, have you come across the Illuminati Card Game? If not, look it up…a card game that came out in the 90s that actually seems to be the game plan of the Illuminati. Trump appears to feature in one of the cards and there is a Frog God card. I notice Q anons use Pepe the Frog in many of their memes. This is likened to Kek, which was an Egyptian King with a Frog head. Isn’t Egypt supposed to be connected to ETs, I.E. fallen angels / nephilim??

    Trump is coming across like he is the world’s saviour and people are almost worshipping him and he loves it. Could he be in fact the great deceiver and even managing to get Putin and other countries on side who believe he is anti-globalist. Then there is all this gematria stuff! If you are interested, I also came across a great site where someone has researched loads into Trump and Kushner, his son-in-law, and 666 seems to link to both of them a hell of a lot!

    I really hope I am wrong but I am beginning to doubt everything now. XRP could be the one world currency to support the New World Order and once that is in place, how long before we have to take the mark of the beast to be even able to access it? I ain’t taking any mark that is for sure!!! I will cash out into fiat and prepare for the end of days…I reckon it will be a few years before the mark of the beast is rolled out world wide and XRP has to be globally adopted before then…

    Ultimately, I am just putting faith into Christ and our Lord because I don’t think we can stop what is coming, only God can.

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