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New ECB Ripple XRP Disruptive. Hodor Why is XRP the best choice for digital asset investors ?

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

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$10,000 Ripple XRP End Game ? BG 123 CKJ = CHINA KOREA JAPAN Trump BG BG123 YES YES BANK

Gates Foundation to implement @ripple and @coil #Interledger Protocol. GSMA 75

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Daily XRP News
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  1. CKJ Saturday Night LIVE highlights community contributions shared via twitter. CKJ’s audience shines with diversity. His supporters post varied articles & opinions on cryptocurrency such as XRP’s value both in fiat & use case, Deutsch Bank layoffs, hackers using crypto as ransom, NYC XRP meetup, and much more!
    Special mention was given to Kevin Jamal Obam who is spreading #tezoslove in South Africa! In his giving spirit,
    CKJ suggests that we shower #xrplove on @kevin_obam via the XRP Tipbot & introduce him to the greatest digital asset ever created ….XRP.
    Wonderful and informative livestream CKJ!
    #xrpcommunity #xrparmy

  2. Man, great video and great points. Lately I’ve been missin the live streams at times, but luv Catching them later!! Great news update!! TEAM PMA!!!

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