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New Global Financial System Comming Later This Year?

Daily XRP News

Will Ripple Partner with SWIFT to become the global payments superhighway of the world? See the supporting evidence and decide for yourself.

Daily XRP News


  1. ha ! so…. if i get this right, for anybank that is now using swift, it will be mandatory to upgrade their system (with gpi ) in order to continue using swift ?? and GPI is simply the name they gave to their new product or services ( wich is Ripple network) ????? Do i get this right ???? this is HUGE !!!!!!!! holly molly f&?%%() !

  2. Today comes news/Twitter from Dilip Rao, he mentioned that "Ant Financial shares AI tech with banks to reduce micro loan approvals from 2 days to 10 sec" maybe you are right that alipay and ripple had already an agreement . I also wrote you in your other video about the SDR, where the World Bank mentioned in their Document from 2017 of XRP exchange , today the XRP own exchanges lunch… please make a video.. i love your videos..

  3. Enjoying going back and watching your ‘old’ videos Sam. The comments from World Bank pres were interesting. Ripple is most definitely using an ‘Intel Inside’ strategy (Marcus Treacher even confirmed this in an interview recently). So it could come to pass that when the veil is finally lifted, there’s a lot more running on Ripple than meets the eye.

    Good job sir.

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