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New Ripple Partner goLance has digital asset added for payments, XRP by Hodor, IBM Stellar Changes

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Ripple’s xRapid solution uniquely uses XRP to offer on-demand liquidity. By facilitating real-time, lower cost transactions across currencies, xRapid reduces the risk and unlocks the full potential of cross-border payments for enterprise clients.

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  1. The escalator rule is true everywhere, except Thailand where people zig zag and sprawl even tho some are in a hurry. It makes no sense when you see that they drive jai keng keng for every cm of road and zig zag like crazy. But I guess walking is chill 😉

  2. Hi this guy has very accurate TA and discusses tethers effect and a new article , is tether close to imploding ? Here's the link to Optical art channel vid just posted thought may interest you , he points out patterns of Bitcoin , Litecoin and tether pumps , thoughts ??

  3. re: escalator
    Here in NYC Port Authority Bus Terminal. the convention is similar, just that we stand to the right, allowing "express people" to pass on the left.

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