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Forte’s $100 million Ripple-backed fund draws top developers at GDC, says COO Wakeford in interview!

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Apple wont mine your data… I am not buying it. When I got my I phone I got all kinds of spam and junk email the moment the phone downloaded my contact files.. I immediately got rid of my I phone and the spam dissipated… Apple is the worst place to entrust your privacy in my opinion… the I phone is a nice product but I will never use anything that apple controls… MR KITAOW is the MAN… I hope he doubles his mining aspirations to keep China at bay. He has a lot of integrity and loyalty to our XRP…. The man has done more for xrp than anyone on the planet well excpt for David S. lol :):):) QOOBO?????? looks like they are buying the wrong end of a dead cat… but hey Americans bought the pet rock… so there's that…

  2. The daily cashback is using Apple Pay only though. It’s Good first step to get the mainstream looking into alternatives from banks cards but the best option is hands down

    A crypto first solution for buying, sending, paying, exchanging crypto/fiat:
    1. Cross platform
    2. Native token MCO with added utility(airdrops, discounts on auto invest product)
    3. Free Crypto-crypto exchange in app!
    4. Up to 4% cashback on spending
    5. Free netflix/spotify.
    6. No annual/mnthly or shipping fees
    7. Metal Visa card.
    8. XRP, BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, MCO, CRO + stable coin USDM, more coins being added
    9. Perfect exchange rates for travelling
    10. Credit product releasing soon.

    Tbh i’m shocked no one covers this amazing company.

  3. the chinese government is an entity that should not be trusted. Let's outline all the reasons why you should hate China:
    1) restricted internet access to the point where you need a VPN to actually enjoy real internet content
    2) still restricting and censoring public news channels. ex) 2015 Tianjin Explosion. They tried to pretend it didn't happen and then tried to downplay what happened, and eventually just swept it under the rug
    3) the only country stupid enough to have "ghost cities" because the burgeoning middle class have no concept of what a bubble is
    4) pollution, and pretending pollution isn't as bad as it seems
    5) still kidnapping political activists out of the blue and pretending that they don't even though the govt's censorship of this topic speaks volumes about it
    6) the country that claims land FOR NO REASON. Look up Xinjiang, Tibet, and the South China Sea. These areas/population clearly have no reason to be part of China as the population there have different cultures and customs. But yet China still claims it even though this stupid country has extreme over-population issues
    7) the well thought-out One Child Policy
    8) Mao Zedong's lovely Great Leap Forward
    9) political activism is frowned upon. Lots of socio-political issues: income inequality, criminalization of homosexuality, racial prejudice
    10) it's not a democracy

    I can go ON AND ON AND ON AND ON. I don't trust China and I can say this because I am Chinese. I hate what China has become. One of the biggest reasons I went from investing Bitcoin to putting money into EOS is because Bitcoin is essentially centralized because, like you said, all the big mining rigs are geographically located in China. But since then, I have switched from EOS to XRP as the block producers for EOS are mostly based in China due to a rigged democratic voting system that EOS has in place. I still have some in EOS, but my faith is in XRP.

    edit: might I add, they are allies with North Korea. I am so proud to be Chinese

  4. Qoobo. What an unusual concept! When I told my bosses (the cats) about it, the fear and resentment became palpable. I understand they are going to allow me to reduce some of the services they demand. Could be interesting! I haven't ever felt this amount of leverage before. Ever!

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