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New XRP Base Pairs with ADA / XLM, the Ripple Whale Seth Lim gives Interview, What is Zcoin?

Daily XRP News

Ripple Whale Seth Lim gives Cointelegraph Japan an Interview and say’s Ripple’s Tipping Point will be when Visa and Mastercard Replace Swift with Ripple.

What is Zcoin?

Madison to Invest in BitOcean Exchange Japan

Highlights of XRP and Ripple 2018

Daily XRP News


  1. Thanks Eri!

    In terms of developments, sign ups and market responsiveness, 2018 has been a grrrrrrreat year for Ripple! Having only been Live just under 3 months, the future looks friendly for XRP and its supportive investor community

  2. Dear Eri..
    Christmas greetings from South Africa !!
    Thanks for all your news feeds!!

    Qn) u had said a while back..but can u please remind me which video creation software u use? Love how your video in the circle shows up!

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