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New XRP Exit Strategy And The Ripple Liquid Index

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Hey DAI nice video, I noticed you said cash out points of $2 and $5, and then something about paying off a house. DAI very few people have 400,000+ xrp like you. Secondly the increase your limits section on coinbase asks for bank statements etc. Meaning that you have to have a very nice income for them to justify raising your limits by a significant amount. Not everyone does. Just thought I'd add this. Otherwise good ideas.

  2. Been listening to you from day 1. love the intro. Don’t change anything. Thank you very much for all the education! I submitted my request to Coinbase last night and my increase was approved by this morning! DAI, you are awesome!

  3. Binance did me a HUGE favor yesterday. As I said below in a couple of my posts yesterday, I was scammed out of all the XRP's I had stored on Binance. They were stolen from me. I had not yet had a chance to contact Binance about this scamming incident. But I saw today that, UNASKED, Binance had sent to my own ledger nano s wallet not only the entire scammed amount, but an additional 30% MORE than I had lost yesterday! So I am better off today than I was yesterday prior to being scammed. Pretty impressive! Thank you, Binance!

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  5. really curious what happens when everyone is cashing out on same moment all their millions at the banks,also curious why selling the greatest asset as they assume here into oldfashioned fiat????

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