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No Capitulation in XRP Army, Ripplenet XRP essential to be competitive, Asia Summit FREE & Virtual

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  1. UMMM ERI you are special, very professional and informative …thanks for eveything ! – hate to say it I'm an ol fart at 60 but feel like 35 and love technologies …I'm a geek

  2. Crypto Eri , It is not possible to do transaction for $1 to 2 and remain in business. If it were true Ripple would be doing lot of business . Money in Nostro account is necessary cost and that can not be eliminated . Only way Money gram can survive by getting millions of dollars from Ripple . Somebody has to pay that cost and it will be paid by customers . Money gram is losing money and Ripple is compensating . Moneygram stock price hit the lowest price ever recently . Why? There is very good reason why banks do not or can not use XRP . Banks are not stupid or ignorant . They will not participate if it is not profitable . Ripple does not necessarily tells the truth and try to hide behind NDA. In my view we will not likely to get accurate information until it goes public . There is very small probability that it will take even 1% of SWIFT's business . Ripple is only creating FUD about Nostro account that it is dormant and they are hoping that Nostro capital to move into XRP . Why would banks move their capital from Nostro to XRP just to be dormant . It is a fallacy that Nostro account is dormant . It is dynamic and trillions of dollars moves in and out every day and every Nostro account there is vostro . Now SWIFT gpi has solved most of the problem and there will be settlement on daily basis and most transfer instantly . Their cost will go down . In 2019 SWIFT gpi transferred over $77 trillion and will be $100 trillion in 2020 . Ripple can only give us hopium .

  3. I only invest what I am comfortable losing. After the last 6 weeks, we donโ€™t have anything to lose. So I am letting it ride.

  4. Yeah I ended up ending my subscription with some channels because they did not do their homework when they reported these same "findings". Further, that they only focused on XRP was clearly about another FUD campaign. A quick review of the XRP wallets activity at every level would have shown that majority of the wallets were showing signs of increasing acquisition. They lost cred, my subscription, and my respect. Thank you Eri.

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